The Ultimate Guide to Voting in Tarrant County, TX: Tips and Resources for First-Time Voters

As an expert on voting rights in Tarrant County, TX, I understand the importance of having access to accurate information and resources when it comes to exercising your right to vote. With the 2020 election quickly approaching, it's crucial for first-time voters to have a clear understanding of the voting process and their rights as citizens. That's why I've compiled this comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you need to confidently cast your ballot in Tarrant County.

Understanding Your Voting Rights

Before diving into the resources available for first-time voters, it's important to have a solid understanding of your voting rights as a citizen of Texas. In this state, all eligible voters have the right to participate in local, state, and federal elections.

This includes individuals who are 18 years or older, US citizens, and residents of Tarrant County. It's also important to note that Texas has strict voter ID laws. This means that when you go to vote, you will need to present a valid form of identification such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID. If you do not have one of these forms of ID, you can apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at your local Department of Public Safety office.

Registering to Vote

The first step in exercising your voting rights is registering to vote. Luckily, in Tarrant County, this process is quick and easy.

You can register online through the Texas Secretary of State's website. All you need is your Texas driver's license number or personal identification number issued by the Department of Public Safety. If you do not have either of these, you can still register by printing out a paper application and mailing it to your local voter registrar. It's important to note that the deadline to register to vote in Texas is 30 days before the election. So if you want to vote in the upcoming election, be sure to register before October 5th.

Early Voting

If you are unable to vote on Election Day, you can take advantage of early voting in Tarrant County.

This allows you to cast your ballot at any polling location in the county during a two-week period leading up to Election Day. Early voting begins on October 13th and ends on October 30th. Early voting is a great option for first-time voters who may be nervous about the process. It gives you more time to familiarize yourself with the voting machines and ask questions if needed. You can also avoid long lines on Election Day by voting early.

Resources for First-Time Voters

Now that you understand your voting rights and how to register and vote, let's explore some resources available specifically for first-time voters in Tarrant County.

Tarrant County Elections Office

The Tarrant County Elections Office is a great place to start for any voter, but especially for first-timers.

They have a wealth of information on their website, including sample ballots, polling locations, and important dates and deadlines. You can also contact them directly with any questions or concerns you may have about the voting process.

Voter Education and Outreach Programs

The Tarrant County Elections Office also offers voter education and outreach programs for first-time voters. These programs aim to educate individuals on the voting process and encourage them to exercise their right to vote. They also provide resources for individuals with disabilities or language barriers.

League of Women Voters of Tarrant County

The League of Women Voters of Tarrant County is a nonpartisan organization that provides resources and information to help voters make informed decisions.

They offer voter guides, candidate forums, and educational events to help first-time voters understand the issues and candidates on the ballot.

Tarrant County College Voter Registration and Education Program

If you are a student at Tarrant County College, you can take advantage of their voter registration and education program. They provide resources and information to help students register to vote and understand the voting process. They also host events and workshops to educate students on the importance of voting.


As a first-time voter in Tarrant County, TX, it's important to understand your voting rights and have access to resources that can help you navigate the voting process. From registering to vote to casting your ballot, there are many resources available to ensure that your voice is heard in the upcoming election.

Remember, every vote counts, so be sure to exercise your voting rights in Tarrant County, TX and make your voice heard on Election Day.